The Indentured


RELIGIOUS FICTION In seventeenth-century England, men were expected to grow up into the family business. John Dairyman, raised a humble, lowly dairy farmer, dared to rise above his station by becoming a blacksmith. But when his talents exceeded his master’s, John’s life and the course of events that followed sent him on an amazing, life-changing journey that would take John to America.

The Indentured is a dramatic, action-packed love story that follows John’s exploits along with his beloved Chastity as they leave England for the wilds of the American Atlantic coast. Author C. Michael Prater draws from tales of his family’s history, o ering a unique historical perspective that allows him to capture life as it existed when the rst Englishmen came to the undeveloped shores of North America— including how they dealt with the turmoil during England’s civil war and the e ects it would have on shipping, the people, and the settlements in the New World. John and Chastity live in a time of great change. Yet together and with God, they will move ever higher in life and in faith as they reach for the renewed hope of a young new country and its many opportunities for growth, faith and love.